Meet The Co-Coordinators

Molly Binger is a 19 year old sophomore studying physical therapy in Sargent College.  She likes to call Boston her home, but that’s a lie, she’s actually from Little Falls, MN; if you have not heard of Little Falls, you are not alone.  Molly claims her Minnesota accent has disappeared since she came to Boston, but trust, it perseveres.  If you want to meet Molly without her knowing that you already know who she is, just go swimming at FitRec–but remember to forget your swim cap so she’ll have to approach you.  She’ll probs be chilling in the lifeguard office because that’s where she spends her evenings.  Actually, don’t purposely forget your cap, that’s annoying and she wouldn’t appreciate that advice.  Molly thoroughly enjoys a sunny day out on the Mississippi or a long, cool Nordic ski along a freshly groomed, rolling trail.
Eric Womer is a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering who hails from the white-bread suburban town of Newington, CT.  Very few interesting things ever happen there so in 2008 he decided to ship up to Beantown and live the city life for a few years.  Oddly enough, Eric is also an employee of FitRec and will tell you that Molly’s accent is indeed alive and kickin’ (just ask her to say “bag” and you’ll see what he means).  Eric is a long-time ice hockey player and rabid Terriers fan.  So, if he’s not inundated with homework and lab reports, you can find him at Agganis Arena or out on the ice rink that he builds in his backyard every winter.


You can meet Molly and Eric by stopping by either the CSC, FitRec, or 481-483 Commonwealth Avenue (yes, these co-coordinators not only work in the same place but also practically live together).