Our Lunch Date (Office Hours)

Eric and I ate lunch today.  His soup looked good, as in we had to go back down the the GSU to get me some soup.  Then I was full and I got sleepy.  I blame Eric.  But then, I drank some dew.

Dew me,



Molly will you tell you that it’s my fault that she ate too much at lunch today. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the truth. While I will admit that my soup was totally tempting, I only had the 12oz and Molly decided that after ALREADY eating lunch she was going to go get a massive bread bowl of chowder to top it off. I maintain my innocence.

If the food don’t fit, you must acquit,



But yo, let’s get real.  We ate lunch in the CSC and emailed our chaperone, who is supposedly the bombdotcom.  That’s all that matters.

Keepin’ it realz,

Molly & Eric


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